Our Most Powerful Heavy-Duty Ever

When it comes to getting the job done, it’s the heavy-duty truck you can rely on. Long-lasting and dependable, the 2013 Silverado 2500HD is engineered with durable advanced technology primed and perfected from a long line of trucks built on performance: Duramax® diesel, the legendary Allison® transmission along with sturdy framework and secure trailering features work to keep it all under control. Wherever the job takes you, Silverado is there to get it done with you.



Business As Usual

Chevy Silverado earns the Vincentric lowest cost of ownership honor for full-size pickups for the third year in a row. We are happy to tell you that driving one can actually save you money over time. Grab one of your own and hold onto your hard earned cash.


Carrying the Weight

Payload, Towing and Hauling

Silverado 2500HD Regular Cab with a diesel engine can tow up to 17,800 lbs. The Regular Cab equipped with a gas engine has a maximum payload capacity of 4,212. The Tow/Haul Mode enhances performance while pulling a trailer or hauling heavy loads. When activated, this feature modifies the automatic transmission shift schedule and helps reduce throttle pedal activity by the driver while traveling over rolling terrain.

Auto grade braking, which uses transmission downshifts to allow engine compression braking to slow the vehicle and its load, works in and out of Tow/Haul mode on the Vortec® 6.0L engine.

2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD pickup truck in Blue Granite Metallic

2013 Chevrolet Silverado Engine and Chassis

The Force Behind the Fuel
Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 and Allison® Transmission

Together, the available Duramax® diesel engine and legendary Allison® transmission have been proving their reliability in the field and on the job for over a decade.

Our Duramax Diesel has impressive torque and horsepower, as well as impressive towing numbers. On a 36-gallon tank (approx.), the Duramax offers up to 680 highway miles. It’s B20 biodiesel-compatible and runs cleaner by using diesel exhaust fluid.

The heavy-duty Allison® 6-speed transmission harnesses the power of the available Duramax. To make sure it can handle increasing torque, we’ve packed it with a stronger torque converter, a larger diameter output shaft and more robust clutches.

E85 Capable

The Vortec® 6.0L V8 engine, standard on Silverado 2500HD, can operate on E85, which is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. As a mostly renewable fuel, it can reduce our dependence on petroleum and help reduce tailpipe emissions.


Trailer Sway Control and Hill Start Assist

Useful for when you’re hauling heavy loads, Trailer Sway Control senses when a trailer starts to sway and automatically applies the truck’s brakes while reducing engine power. This feature works to let you get your truck back on track if necessary. If you’re stopped on inclines greater than 5%, Hill Start Assist automatically kicks in to keep the truck in place for about a second to give you just enough time to accelerate before the truck can roll backward.

Read Important Information about trailering.

Well-Crafted Trucks Built on a Solid Foundation

Our chassis features a high-strength, fully-boxed steel frame and suspension that lets Silverado 2500HD handle large loads and provide the ride quality the driver deserves.

The independent front suspension allows each front wheel to react independently to rough terrain. The steering knuckle is tall and heavy to better manage larger capacities. Precision-machined forged upper control arms support the truck’s strength. These front suspension components help to keep each wheel in a vertical position and more firmly planted on the road.

The rear suspension has 3-inch leaf springs with an asymmetric design that helps handle increased payloads. The staggered rear shocks are designed to help dampen the vertical movement of the truck. These rear suspension components both help to reduce wheel hop on acceleration.

4x4 6,000-lb. Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (FGAWR).

The front suspension contains huge precision-machine forged upper control arms and torsion bars along with the largest steering gear we’ve ever used on a heavy-duty pickup truck, which supports up to a 6,000-lb. front gross axle rating. So every HD 4x4 model including our powerful Duramax® Diesel can accommodate a snow plow with the available Snow Plow Prep Package. Silverado HD incorporates torsion bars that allow an owner to adjust the front of the vehicle back to its normal ride height, even with the weight of a plow attached.

680 miles per tank